Burke and Hare

Factual error: The Lyceum Theatre, referenced in the film, did not exist in 1828 as it was not built until 1834.


Factual error: Near the end of the movie there is a high shot of Market Square, which is supposed to be below Edinburgh Castle as established during the opening scene of the movie. However the view looks almost identical to the Royal Mile which runs from the Castle itself down to Holyrood Palace. You can even see the spire from St Giles Cathedral in the background, which is on the Royal Mile.


Factual error: When Burke and Hare stop for a drink and Burke says that they have no money, Hare plucks a half-crown from underneath Burke's cap. The half-crown that is used in the film is from 1902 - 1910 which is nearly 100 years after the film is set.

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Trivia: William Burke did not confess to the crimes in order to save his friends and love. He was actually betrayed by William Hare who sold him out after they were caught.


William Burke: I had confidence in a fart once, and I shat all over myself.

Doctor Monro: And your new students, are they enjoying your lectures?
Doctor Robert Knox: Er, not as much as I understand they're enjoying your wife, sir.

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