Ramona and Beezus

Continuity mistake: Baby Roberta spits a mouthful of half-chewed peas onto Ramona's face. In the immediate close-up, there is much more green mess on her face than in the preceding shot.

Continuity mistake: Ramona is on the hood of Hobart's van while she washes it with a hose. As she jumps down, the hose is draped over the passenger's side mirror. In the very next shot, as she lands on the ground, the hose is no longer over the mirror but is on the ground.

Continuity mistake: When Ramona is sharing the story of the workmen to the class Susan is wearing a purple outfit then when asking a question she is wearing a yellow outfit.

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Trivia: When Hobart falls off the fence when Ramona is mowing the lawn, he yells a Wilhelm scream.

Bob Quimby: Ramona, your sister has a report card. Doesn't that mean you should have one too?
Ramona Quimby: Uh... No.

Beezus: Who could ever love someone named Beezus?
Ramona Quimby: Jesus?

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