Wild Target

Continuity mistake: When Maynard is teaching Tony to shoot a gun, Tony fires three shots first. The gun's chamber closes as usual (meaning the gun still has ammo). We see a shot of Maynard, then flick back to Tony and the chamber is now open (meaning the gun is out of ammo). Tony then fires three more shots from an apparently empty magazine before being told to reload. (01:26:40)

Nik Rolls

Rose: It's funny because yesterday I couldn't wait to get away and now I never want to leave.
Tony: What happened in between?
Rose: Just enough.

Mike: Give me the gun.
Tony: I'm serious! You know I'm a terrible shot. I could easily aim at your head and blow your balls off.

Rose: It's like everywhere you go, there's that smell.
Victor Maynard: What smell?
Rose: Cleanliness. Bleach. It's like being in a hospital. It's so safe, it's dangerous. I can't breathe here. I mean it, I'm frightened. I'm frightened if I stay here much longer, I'll end up like you. Afraid of everything.

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