Letters to Juliet

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Sophie is first walking out of the New Yorker building, her shirt is tucked in in the first shot, in the second it is untucked, and in the third it is tucked in again.

Continuity mistake: Sophie and Charlie are walking down a very steep street talking. Two female extras walk past them going uphill. Sophie and Charlie exit the small street and enter a piazza where the same two female extras walk past them again even though they have already passed by and should be up the steep street somewhere.

Continuity mistake: When Claire is brushing Sophie's hair, some strands are left behind as Claire pulls all of Sophie's hair back but in the next shot, all of her hair is together.

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Victor: It's not a mushroom, okay. It's a truffle.

Claire: Charlie doesn't approve, which makes it all the more fun.

Sophie: That's so romantic.
Charlie: What's so romantic about eating in the dirt?

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Question: Towards the end of the film, in the wedding/balcony scene, Charlie states that there are two Patricia's, one there at the wedding and one who he just remembered. Who's the second Patricia?

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Chosen answer: The second Patricia is Charlie's cousin, who Sophia had mistaken as his former girlfriend, Patricia.

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