Character mistake: When Mr Maddens is talking to the critic at the Mayor's reception, he calls him Alan. The character is actually called Patrick Burns, Alan is the actor's name.

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Continuity mistake: During the final scene of the Nativity, when the baby is born, look at the boy to the right of Mary, he is tipping the candle upside down. When the camera changes shots, he has now got the candle in his mouth.

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Revealing mistake: During the nativity, when the baby is born, to the right of Mary, there is a boy tipping his candle on it's side. In the next shot, this same boy has the candle on his mouth.

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Trivia: When Bob is doing his audition, he is wearing a red top with black shorts. On Bob's left shoulder, the name Ben is written on the top. Ben is the actor's real name.

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