A Serious Man

Continuity mistake: In the dream scene where Larry writes on the blackboard in front of the student audience, when Larry writes on the blackboard he writes the wrong formula "delta p = square root of <p>^2 - <p>^2". The bell rings, the students leave and you see Larry again in a close-up and above his shoulder you see the the first 2-squared moves from outside the bracket into the bracket. (01:06:35)


Factual error: Two of the albums sent to Larry by the Columbia Record Club are Santana's "Abraxas" and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Cosmos Factory". The film takes place in 1967. Both albums were released in 1970.


Other mistake: Because of the way it works when making a mold, the engraving on the man's teeth would barely have been captured, yet they showed up sharp and clear when the mold was removed.

More mistakes in A Serious Man

Rabbi Nachtner: Sy Ableman was a serious man.

Sy Ableman: Ember's is not the forum to discuss legalities!

Sy Ableman: I think, really, the Jolly Roger is the appropriate course of action.

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