All About Steve

Continuity mistake: When the crane breaks, it only drops one end of the cable with the hook into the hole. However, later on Mary makes a contraption which the cable snapped and both ends are in the hole, going up over the pulley on the crane. The number of cables going into the hole from the crane varies for the remainder of the movie from 1 to 2 cables - and is not to be confused with the string of lights.


Revealing mistake: During the distant shot when Mary, the reporter and little girl are first coming up out of the hole, the cable going back down into the hole is barely taut and moving around too freely to actually be pulling that much weight up even for a steel cable.


Factual error: When the TV news vehicles are leaving the hospital, supposedly set in Oklahoma, the ocean is briefly visible in the background.

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Mary Horowitz: It's like taking 10 friends on a camping trip.

Norm the Truck Driver: You missed the bus, probably because you're not meant to take it.

Mary Horowitz: I will eat you like a mountain lion.

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