Surfer, Dude

Continuity mistake: Addington and his manager talk about showing Zarno the "Under the Sun" sticker idea to make money. Trouble is he would already be getting royalties from it. Two scenes earlier, April May meets up with Add wearing an "Under the Sun" T-shirt. Therefore he was already making money and didn't need to go see Zarno.


Trivia: In the scene where Add gets to the beach and goes to the payphone, there's a "j.k. living" sticker on the payphone glass, which is the name of the production company that is owned by Mcconaughey. (Stands for Just Keep Living.)


Custom Agent: Occupation?
Steve Addington: Surfer.
Custom Agent: Is that a job, surfer?
Steve Addington: Not really.

Danni Martin: Whats so special about surfing?
Steve Addington: Whats so special about the wind? Surfing is to... be with that mystery. To ride that mystery for as long as you can. And then when it's over that's cool because you know what? You were there, in line and on time.

Baker Smith: Herb will get you through times with no money, better than money will get you through times with no herb.

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