Armour of God

Visible crew/equipment: During the final fight scene where Jackie takes on the Amazonian women, there are several shots where dressed up stuntmen double for the women.

Continuity mistake: At the end where Jackie jumps from the side of the cliff to jump onto the hot-air ballon he starts off only a couple of hundred feet from the ground. Then in the next scene he is a couple of thousand feet up, like he has just jumped from an aeroplane.

Revealing mistake: When Jackie jumps on the hot air balloon, he is supposed to be REALLY high in the air. Still you can see tops of trees on the lower right corner of the screen.

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Suggested correction: You should submit a screenshot of your claim because I can't see any trees to indicate the hot air balloon was low to the ground. You can see plenty of trees in the background, but they're far away and the balloon is way above them. In real life, Chan actually jumped from a plane onto an actual hot air balloon in the sky. It wouldn't make sense for it to be low to the ground because he wouldn't have time to recover by parachute if he messed up.


Suggested correction: Some mountains are extremely tall and above what a hot air balloon flies.

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High Priest: Who gave you the courage to be killed here?
Asian Hawk: I obey my god's every command. He looks after all my needs. I always say yes to him. Never no.
High Priest: Who is your god? What is your religion?
Asian Hawk: I believe in a powerful religion. The name of my god is... money.
High Priest: Prepare to be sacrified to your money god.

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