Pretty Cool Too

Other mistake: Just before Debbie takes her shirt off after Walter has given all of the Playpen girls suggestions, one of the girls says "It's hot in here." (probably Debbie, but it doesn't really sound like her), but Mona doesn't start having an orgasm, when "in" is supposed to start it. (00:33:50)

Pretty Cool Too mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Walter is looking for the condom in his drawer, he pulls out a picture of a girl and some cylindrical object and puts them on the desk. The items change position in the shot where he turns his back to the camera. (00:52:40)


Audio problem: After Agatha slaps Walter, he rushes to the phone and turns it on. Genie says "Hi Walter, I missed you." but her mouth is out of sync with the words (01:08:30)

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