Battle for the Planet of the Apes

Continuity mistake: As the two gorillas watch the approaching humans, one gorilla raises the telescope, then after the angle change, raises it again.

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Other mistake: As the Governor looks at the gorilla sentries, he is looking about forty-fiveĀ° across the aim of the cannon next to him. When the cannon is fired at the gorillas, they are directly downrange of the cannon. After they're killed, he's again looking across the cannon's aim.

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Caesar: Ah, if only my mother and father, whom I was too young to remember... If only they'd lived, perhaps they would have taught me if it was right to kill evil so that good shall prevail.
MacDonald: But you know, Caesar, history shows.
Caesar: Oh no, no, no. That is human history, not ape history. Ape, never kills ape.

Virgil: Teacher only reverted to type under provocation. He... he spoke like a slavemaster in the old days of our servitude when we were conditioned to mechanical obedience. He, uh, he uttered a negative, uh, imperative.
Caesar: Could you put that into words which even Caesar could understand?
Virgil: Uh, he said, "No, Aldo, no!"

Caesar: Now, fight like apes.

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