Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Continuity mistake: When Buck tells about his fight with Rudy, he swings while saying "Back, forth" in front of the others. They are looking the wrong way.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning, Scrat is sniffing for his acorn and reaches the end of the cliff. Before he reaches the end, look at his saber teeth closely; they've disappeared. When his nose goes over the edge, they reappear.


Factual error: In the credits, Josh Peck is said to voice Rudy. He actually voiced Eddie.

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Sid: I say "they're vegetarians, " you say "grrr." I say "can we talk about this?" you say "grrr." I don't call that good communication.
Momma: Grrrrrrr.

Sid: I know what it's like to feel abandoned.

Crash: Dude, You're awesome! You're like the brother I never had!

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Question: In Buck's first theory scene, when Sid attacks Mummy dinosaur with the broccoli, what is all that green stuff that takes over the picture? Has the dinosaur turned into the broccoli? If so, why did Manny say " where's the dinosaur" if the dinosaur became the broccoli?


Question: Why was Diego leaving the herd?


Chosen answer: He failed at hunting and believes staying with the herd has damaged his predatory instincts.


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