Rio Grande

Other mistake: In the scene after the children are taken and Col. York and the cavalry ride off to rescue them, Mrs. York is standing holding Sandy's (who remains behind) arm watching them ride away. When they get to the village and Tyree, young York and Sandy leave to scout the village.

Factual error: The cavalry sing Low Bridge (or Fifteen Years On The Erie Canal) as they trek across Texas in 1879. This was written by Thomas S. Allen in 1905 during the time the Erie canal was switched from mule power to engine power. (00:49:00)


Revealing mistake: In the scene directly after an Indian attack, we see four dead Indians on the ground covered with blankets. The first Indian's blanket is removed to reveal his face and it can be seen that the "dead Indian" is alive and breathing. The blanket over his stomach is moving.

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Mrs. Kathleen York: Yankee justice! Arresting that nice young man and charging him with manslaughter, while they promote arsonists to be Sergeant Majors.

Trooper Travis Tyree: Hey, Mister... what time do they blow the horn around here for people t' eat?

Trooper Jefferson 'Jeff' Yorke: Sandy... are you scared?
Trooper Daniel 'Sandy' Boone: ME? Yo.

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