The Secret Garden

Revealing mistake: The oil lamp carried by Mary when she first finds Colin has a flame that never flickers, and is likely an electric lamp.

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where Mary is crying with her face at the bushes and Dickon walks in to try to cheer her up, if you keep your eyes at the top of the screen just as Dickon walks closer to her, you can see for a second the microphone being pulled up, which looks like a black object right in between the two walls of the bush. (01:30:15)

Factual error: The footage of the garden blooming in the spring includes a shot of a monarch butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The monarch is very rare in England, usually found in the southwest; so this footage is more likely from North or Central America where the insects are commonplace.

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Mrs. Medlock: God! Look at your legs, they are swollen and red.

Martha: I don't know when exactly your uncle will call for you.
Mary: My uncle? Mrs. Medlock said he wouldn't want to see me.
Martha: Ah but he does.

Colin: Hair is dead.
Mary: If hair is dead, why does it keep growing all the time, even after you're dead? Well, maybe not your hair. You'll probably be bald.
Colin: Don't be daft. I'll die before I'm ever old enough to go bald.
Mary: I hate the way you talk about dying.
Colin: Everyone thinks I'll die.
Mary: If everyone thought that about me, I wouldn't do it.

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