Carry on Spying
Carry on Spying mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When our heroes are on the conveyor belt which carries the rocks towards the spinning saw blades, the rocks which get cut in two are seen to be cut before they reach the blades. (01:20:45)


Continuity mistake: When the four agents are trying to escape the STENCH Headquarters, Crump bumps into Simkins and he drops one of the two spools of tape. But when we see the group just a few seconds later, all of the tape has been collected up and both spools are in Simkins' hands.

Continuity mistake: When Bernard Cribbins points out the cherries in their champagne cocktails in the Café Mozart, both his and Barbara Windsor's cherry sticks change position between shots.

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Trivia: This was the first Carry On to cast the fabulous Babs Windsor. Also the last to feature Bernard Cribbins until the making of Columbus in 1992.

Trivia: Albert R. Broccoli, the producer of the James Bond films, objected to the character name "Charlie Bind Agent 006 1/2". Producer Peter Rogers refused to change the name but dropped the agent's code number.

Trivia: The final "Carry On" film shot in black and white.

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