Continuity mistake: When Stella is put into the machine to revive her after being frozen, her head is tilted to the right when she goes in, but is tilted to the left when the shot changes.


Continuity mistake: Count Zarth Arn discovers Simon, Stella and Akton in the computer room, and he stands in the doorway. In the next two shots, it shows soldiers on both sides of the room, and in both shots, the doorway is now empty.


Revealing mistake: As the huge guardian goes to move off and chase Elle and Stella, you can see its shadow cast on the fake backdrop sky.

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Elle: It's so nice to be turned on again.

The Emperor: For the space of three minutes, every molecule on this planet will be immobilized. But after the third minute, the green ray loses it's power. Time will flow once more and everything will explode.
Simon: Three minutes are enough, father.

The Emperor: Our galaxy is split into two warring factions: our own and the one ruled by the evil Count Zarth Arn from the League of the Dark Worlds.

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