Four Christmases

Continuity mistake: During the scenes at her Mother's house, Kate's hair goes from blonde to REALLY blonde.

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Continuity mistake: At Brad's mom's house, after Brad and Kate are finished with their frustrating turn at the board game and Brad shuts down, saying our time is up, the hour glass is fully turned upright with all the sand in the top section. In fact, the sand doesn't even seem to be dripping into the bottom section.

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DJ Vander Schaaf

Continuity mistake: At Pastor Phil's church, when Kate and Brad are preparing for the play and the baby is handed to Kate, the pamphlet jumps in and out of the baby 's grasp between shots - when his hand is not at his mouth.

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Super Grover Premium member

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Trivia: Executive Producer Peter Billingsly has a cameo as the ticket agent at the airport. Peter also played Ralphie Parker in the 1983 movie favorite A Christmas Story.

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