Death at a Funeral

Continuity mistake: In the study there is a large beige rug, which encompasses most of the room and has furniture on it, that moves farther away from the step up to the doorway as the scenes progress.

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Continuity mistake: After Simon gets dressed, when he and Martha go downstairs, in the shot facing them his suit jacket is hardly on and it is very disheveled, just as Simon begins the congratulatory handshakes. In the next side shot, his suit jacket is on quite properly.

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Death at a Funeral mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the study, when Peter shows Daniel the photos, Daniel places the first photograph (at Regent's Park) on the desk and holds the second. In the close-up of the desk, as Daniel holds the second photo, the photograph on the desk is actually a different photo than what was just placed on the desk. (00:39:50)

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Sandra: Tea can do many things, Jane, but it can't bring back the dead.

Justin: You can't fight what we had together.
Martha: Justin, it was one night, it was a massive mistake. I was drunk out of my mind, you could've been a donkey!

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