The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

Deliberate mistake: Loch Ness is portrayed as a clear lake, as shown in the underwater scene. In real life, Loch Ness is so murky there is only six feet of visibility. Obviously deliberately done for the sake of the storyline.

Deliberate mistake: The taking of the famous "Surgeon's Photo" of the Loch Ness Monster from real life is worked into the fictional story of the film, which takes place during World War 2. The Surgeon's Photo was actually taken in 1934. Obviously deliberately done for the sake of the storyline.

Factual error: Loch Ness is an inland lake with very limited access into the open sea, or at least much less than portrayed in the film.

Trivia: In Celtic folklore, a Water Horse is another name for a Kelpie, a rather nasty water spirit that would drown curious passersby. An odd name for a friendly gentle creature as depicted in the film.

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Trivia: One of the screams heard when Crusoe flips the boat over with the three soldiers, is the famous "Wilhelm" [src] scream. (01:24:15)

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Question: Whose house was it? The mother mentioned she was not the lady of the house. Was she a caretaker?

Answer: When Captain Hamilton and his troop first arrive he is greeted at the front door by Mrs. MacMorrow, Kirstie and Angus. He then says, "The housekeeper, Mrs. MacMorrow, is making all the arrangements," whereupon he realizes HQ failed to notify her of their arrival. Then Mrs. MacMorrow says, "When Lord Killin went off to the RAF, only a few of us stayed on here...I'm afraid I really would need Lord Killin's permission." Later it is also made clear that the shed (where Angus hangs out and Lewis Mowbray stays) was used by his father, who was a caretaker on Lord Killin's estate.

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