The Heartbreak Kid

Visible crew/equipment: When Lila and Eddie are driving to Mexico on their honeymoon, Lila is singing. In one shot on the outside of the car, a very blatant and obvious reflection of the camera attached to a crane, can be seen on the whole side of the car.


Continuity mistake: While Eddie is trying to break up with Lila over breakfast, the glasses of water constantly change throughout the scene. Lila's glass is the most notable with the lemon changing size and the ice appearing and disappearing between shots.


Lummie Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Eddie arrives at Mirrand's place, the person who opens the door is rubbing their neck in one shot, then his hand is at his side instantly.


A Demon Premium member

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Question: I heard there's a scene in the credits where Eddie's bunkmate is snorting cocaine, but I just can't find it. Could I please have a little help?


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