The Last Legion

Factual error: Hadrian's Wall is facing the wrong direction. The Wall was built to defend Britannia from the Picts in Scotland; therefore, its front should face north. However, as the Romans approach it from the south, they are greeted by the sheer face of the Wall.

Factual error: The movie supposedly takes place in and around 460 A.D. In the movie the 9th Legion in Britain is pretty much intact, only having recently been abandoned by Rome. This legion is young and strong enough to defeat a large army in the movie. However Rome abandoned Britain around 410 A.D. By 460 A.D. any original members of the 9th legion would have been in their seventies.

Jeremy Wood

Revealing mistake: As Aurelius and Wulfila fight, one shot after Aurelius lifts a long-handled battle axe, we can see two shots with a jet contrail in the sky, which were impossible in the 5th century AD.

More mistakes in The Last Legion

Young Arthur: Merlin, it's just a legend, just a story.
Ambrosinus: Arthur, Arthur, Arthur... have I ever lied to you?
Young Arthur: Every day.

Demetrius: You kept your armor after all these years?
Tertius: Ten years as a farmer gives you something worth fighting for. Twenty as a legionary teaches you to be ready for the day.
Demetrius: Good man.

Romulus Augustus: Mother, am I now the most powerful man in the world?
Flavia: Of course you are.
Romulus Augustus: Then why can't I stay out tonight?

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