Bug: If you stand in front of a bug or a fish and press start right after swinging a bottle at it, you can put another item in the bottle's place and turn it into another bottle. When this happens, the erased item cannot be recovered, and the new bottle will retain the limitations of the original item (for example, turning the Claim Check into a bottle will still be unable to be used by Young Link.).


Continuity mistake: When given to the guy running around Hyrule Field, the Rabbit Hood mask gives said guy super human speed when running on foot. Yet it gives nobody else such speed, not even Link who can wear it at any time.

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Other mistake: After completing a few tasks at Lon Lon Ranch, Link is rewarded with a dairy cow of his own. But somehow, the cow magically just appears back in his house back at Kokiri Village. His house is basically a tree house way in the air accessible just by a ladder. And the doorway is only big enough really for a small child to enter. Yet somehow a full sized cow is now in the middle of his house. And survives without any grass or water inside.

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Trivia: For players of the 3DS version, when you receive the Ocarina, press the following buttons. X, Y, R, X, Y, R, X, Y, R, L, R. The song that is played is the Song of Healing, which appears in The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask.

Trivia: In the Nintendo 64 version, after getting past all of the guards and making it to the courtyard, look in the right window. You will see pictures of Mario, Peach, Bowser, and Yoshi. Take out the slingshot and hit Mario and you will be rewarded with 20 rupees. In the 3DS version you will see a picture of a level from a Super Mario Bros. game. Look for a question block and hit that with your slingshot to receive the 20 rupees. Do not hit the left window. If you do, a guard will appear and throw a bomb at you.

Trivia: If you attack a chicken 3 times, it will call out loudly in a brief cut scene. Then a swarm of chickens will come out of nowhere and attack you nonstop until you are either dead or leave the area.

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Navi: Hey! Listen!

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Question: Does the Mask of Truth do anything for the player besides allow them to see secret messages in the stone clocks?

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Chosen answer: There is another thing it does for the player. Deep in the Lost Woods is an area with two creatures that will sell the player items. Look for where you see a bunch of butterflies gathered. Head toward them and you will fall into a hole. When you land put on the Mask of Truth and slowly walk forward. Some Deku creatures will pop out and look at you. After this talk to the big Deku creature to the right and he will increase your ability to hold more Deku nuts. Wearing other masks from the Happy Mask shop will also have different reactions from the Deku Scrubs.

Question: Link was an infant when he was delivered to and raised by the Kokiri, who don't age. When Link becomes a child, they should've realised that he wasn't a Kokiri because he aged. Why didn't they see this?

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