Bug: During the mission "Davis Unit" after I made the airborne fortress retreat, I was using a Fregeta and I managed to destroy a bridge with two tanks nearby it. The rear tank stopped as it should have, but the second tank actually drove across thin air and managed to reach the center of the gap where the bridge was. After that, it promptly fell to its death.

Trivia: During the mission briefing for "End of Deception II", Crux says that Fenrir with the Alect squadron behind the controls is a threat too dangerous to attack head-on, so you must destroy the microwave generator powering the cloak. This isn't true. After you see the first three planes, fly straight ahead and once you've passed them and you can see the first Alect squadron member, slow down and yaw to the right. Once you've held that course for a few seconds, the tow Alect Squadron members in the lead will de-cloak and you can fire at them. Fire two QAAMs into the first one, and two normal missiles and a burst of your gun into the second. As for the rest, you'll need to rely on your flying skills to take down the Fenrirs before the cloak. It is difficult, but not impossible.

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