Bug: On the road between Talewok or Gwernia and Erromon, there is an enemy rat that can cause the game to crash. When you come to the area with three signposts near a big lake, you're close to where he is. If you found this area earlier, it's the same spot where that hilarious cinema scene with the guy in the forest who was afraid of monsters occurred. Follow that path around the bend, through some pine trees, and you should come across a Giant Rat at the top of a hill. Try to avoid this enemy! Whenever I engage him, he causes the game to crash. I'm not kidding! The screen goes blank, and some text shows up and it actually says something like, "System Crash", and then some other text that makes no sense to me. My suggestion is to save near the signposts, then try to sneak past that enemy. If you engage him and nothing happens, don't worry about it. But if your system crashes, there IS another way to get to Erromon. You'll have to look for an opening in the wall along the road (you'll pass through some pine trees.) You should pass a treasure chest along the way. You'll emerge out onto a high plateau with another treasure chest. There's like a round, stony area in the middle of the plateau. You'll have to run down off of it and find the road. Continue taking the road West to Erromon.


Bug: There are four cutscenes you can unlock. Well, you're supposed to be able to unlock them, but even if you beat the game, the ending cutscene will never be added to the menu.


Bug: In the area where the bog and the beach east of it meet, there is a tree that is not connected to the ground. It is floating in mid-air, just above Alaron's head level.


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