Continuity mistake: The "Power Play" scene when Eric and Hanssen are in the car after a cancelled meeting (13). With Eric's line, "There's construction on E Street," the Kennedy Center appears behind his head, but in the next shot of him ("Sir, I'm SSG.,") the Kennedy Center shows up again, this time farther ahead of the car. (01:05:55)

Factual error: The route that Hanssen discusses with O'Neil on their way back to the FBI headquarters, from the DIA, is not geographically correct and would not get them from point A to point B.

Ian Mugford

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mr/Mrs Hanssen & Mr/Mrs O'Neil are all sitting own to have dinner together, directly after Eric being read in, Mrs Hanssen picks up all of the napkins to distribute them. In the next shot it shows one of the napkins back where she picked them up from, as if it was never picked up. In the following shot, it shows the same napkin laying vertically instead of horizontally.

Ian Mugford
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Kate Burroughs: That was the worst spy in American history you brought down, and you're just going to walk away.
Eric O'Neill: Can you think of a better time to walk away?
Kate Burroughs: Nope.

Robert Hanssen: Can't trust a woman in a pants suit. Men wear the pants. The world doesn't need anymore Hillary Clintons.

Eric O'Neill: My name is Eric.
Robert Hanssen: No, your name is Clerk. And my name is Sir, or Boss, if you can manage.
Eric O'Neill: Yes, sir.
Robert Hanssen: And if I ever catch you in my office again, you're gonna be pissin' purple for a week.

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