Roll Bounce

Factual error: The frozen treats used at certain points in this movie are labeled with nutrition labels found in the U.S. today. The labels looked extremely different in the 70's.

Movie_Freak 1

Continuity mistake: When X and Sweetness are having their skateoff, there is one seen where X grabs his right skate in his right hand and spins around. In the very next scene, his right hand is in the air.

Bonita Kilpatrick

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Curtis gives his son, X, a new pair of skates at the kitchen table. The metallic heel tag is missing between shots while the skates are never moved in their shipping box. (01:13:15)

More mistakes in Roll Bounce

Sweetness: What you scared? Scared that you don't belong over here? That you are beneath us?
Xavier 'X': No, see I'm just trying to help you save face! Cuz I would hate to see you get spanked in front of all your fans.
Sweetness: Young blood, you couldn't spank me if your hands were glued to my ass.
Xavier 'X': My hands glued to your ass? I don't know, that sounds a little sweet to me sweetness.

Sweetness: Let's do this, Johnny.

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