Material Girls

Audio problem: When Hilary Duff is in prison with the three ladies, she asks for something grainy to remove the make-up the women are wearing. The large lady says that she has an "egg roll or bagel in the bar" and to just give her a minute. But if you look closely at the lips, she says something else as to where the product is hidden.

Continuity mistake: When Tanzie and Ava are going to the woman's house to ask her about her skin condition, as Tanzie gets out of the car, her bag is already over her shoulder. In the next shot, she's pulling it over her shoulder again after holding it in her hand.

Continuity mistake: In the first shot when Ava and Tanzie first walk into Inez's house, Tanzie's strap on her dress is down off of her shoulder. In the next shot it is up on her shoulder again.

More mistakes in Material Girls

Tanzie Marchetta: You caught me. I guess that, like, makes you my hero.

Tanzie Marchetta: I don't understand why we didn't get any unemployment money... We've never even been employed. Doesn't that mean we should get more unemployment?

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