Plot hole: When Julius is going after Pompey to Asia Minor and he reaches the harbor in Greece he tries to talk to the sailors but they don't speak Latin. So he asks Adán to translate for him, but he is unable to since he hasn't learned Greek yet. But Julius is fluent in Greek himself, he was taught as a boy and uses the language on several occasions throughout the series, including in this book. Why couldn't he just talk to the sailors in Greek himself?

Continuity mistake: In chapter 11 when Brutus goes out to take a morning bath and he hears the soldiers cursing over the cold water, the text says Julius rather than Brutus. An error, considering Julius is in a different part of Greece.

Continuity mistake: When Cleopatra is giving birth, Brutus asks Julius if he was as nervous when Cornelia gave birth to Julia, and Julius says he can't recall. However Julius didn't even know he had a daughter until Julia was several months old, and Brutus was the one to tell him. It's not likely that they would both have forgotten this.

Trivia: Brutus secretly sleeps with Julius' daughter Julia, even though she's married to Pompey, and she becomes pregnant by him. In real life Brutus was engaged to Julia before Julius broke the engagement and wed her to Pompey.

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