On the Buses

On the Buses (1971)

Continuity mistake: Vera gets onto her bus just after Stan and Jack have put spiders in the cab. She is wearing boots when she discovers the spiders, causing her to run into the back of the lorry. As she does so, it is evident that she is wearing shoes.

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Continuity mistake: When Stan stops the bus to collect his washing from the laundrette there is a white mini parked outside the laundrette with a brown car parked in front of it. But when Blakey confronts Stan coming out of the laundrette with the bag of washing, the brown car has gone without enough time for it to start up and drive off.

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Continuity mistake: In the last scene, when Stan boards his bus inside the depot, the registration number is "WNO476" but, as soon as he drives out the front entrance, it changes to "VNO857".

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