The Man

Continuity mistake: When Vann and Andy are at eating burgers, Vann is seen drinking from his cup in some angles and in others the cup is in resting in his hand.


Continuity mistake: After the first fart, Vann rolls down the driver-side window. However, when he stops the car you can see that the window is still rolled up. (00:47:50)

Continuity mistake: When Vann gets out of the car because of Fiddler's farting, the car door closes just as the camera passes it. However, when he goes to get back in, the door is open. (00:48:20)

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Special Agent Derrick Vann: I'm gonna check the front of my car. If it smells like ass, I'm gonna beat you like a runaway slave.

Andy Fidler: I just think we should be cooperating if I'm going to be your partner.
Special Agent Derrick Vann: You are not my partner.
Andy Fidler: Really? Then what am I?
Special Agent Derrick Vann: You're my bitch. My own personal bitch. When I pull the strings, you dance. Till then, you sit there, keep your mouth shut, and don't say a word... like the puppet you are.

Andy Fidler: I haven't met anyone that I didn't become friends with... eventually.
Special Agent Derrick Vann: Really? Because I haven't met anyone who's ass I didn't kick... eventually.

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