Desperation mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Tom Skerritt turns to find Ron Perlman waiting for him on the road he stops walking on an easy to see white T mark on the ground.

Andrea Hartley
Desperation mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Steven and the hitchhiker find the RV, as the hitchhiker is stepping into the 'empty' RV there is a man wearing glasses, sitting in the shadows. This may be Steven King, given that he usually appears in his movies.

Desperation mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Steven Weber and Kelly Overton find Tom Skerritt's motorcycle in the desert a crew member is visible in the chrome that runs along the red gas tank.

Andrea Hartley

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David Carver: Don't hurt her.
Collie Entragian: Son, I will put a stick through your mother, and spin her around til she catches fire, if I so desire! And you cannot stop me, and I'll come back for you.

Cynthia Smith: Are you a nice person?
Steve Ames: Well, uh, I like to think so. But then again, if I was Ted Bundy, do you think I'd tell you?

Tak (voice): Tak commands you to stop.
John Edward Marinville: Donald Rumsfeld commands me to stop. Adam Sandler commands me to stop. Ann Coulter commands me to stop.

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