Continuity mistake: On page 113 in chapter four where the Master Chief and Sergeant Parker have just finished killing the two hunters in the Truth and Reconciliation, MC turns to Parker and says "Hold your men here, I'll be back - with the captain". It is written "She started to protest" and "'don't tell Silva', she said", implying Parker is female. However, one page previous, after Parker shot and killed the second hunter, it states that Sergeant Parker had a pistol in HIS hand and had gashes in HIS side.

Continuity mistake: On page 103 it says that two jackals came around a bend with one side of the bend being a cliff. It says that the Master Chief knocked one jackal over the cliff with his weapon and shot the other one, which didn't fall off. It then says that a marine said: "here's something to remember me by" and shot BOTH jackals in the head. Hard to do considering one's already fallen off the cliff.

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