Factual error: Petra is reading some details about the size of a murder weapon used to commit 6 similar murders. The diameter of the weapon is estimated at 77 centimeters. It says according to Petra's ruler, 77 centimeters is 3 inches. This should be 77 millimeters as 77 centimeters is about 30 inches.

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Factual error: In this book in a continuing series by Jonathan Kellerman, there is a scene where Petra Connor, a cop, is meeting with an informant for some important information. The informant is nervous about being seen, and requests to meet at an outdoor restaurant near a car dealership. She goes to the meet, and in the book it is mentioned that the only light available is from the car dealership's parking lot lighting. However, this was to have taken place at 5:45 in the morning, on June 22. At this time, it would be full daylight in Los Angeles.

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