Bride of the Monster

Continuity mistake: Lobo has a very distinct scar on his cheek in the beginning and end of the movie. However, just after Dr. Strowski has entered the house, Lobo is seen coming down the stairs, and his scar is completely gone.


Continuity mistake: When Cpt. Lawton is talking to the secretary at the newspaper, the pencil stuck behind her ear keeps disappearing and reappearing. It is there when the secretary is seen from behind, and is gone every time we see her face.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie, we se Lobo chasing off the two hunters. Lobo is then standing outside in the torrential rain, but when he walks into the laboratory a few seconds later, he is completely dry.


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Janet Lawton: When did I tell you my name?
Dr. Eric Vornoff: You didn't. But since you were unconscious, I took the liberty of looking into your purse.

Prof. Strowski: Now I am here, sent to bring you home.
Dr. Eric Vornoff: Home? I have no home. Hunted, despised, living like an animal! The jungle is my home. But I will show the world that I can be its master! I will perfect my own race of people. A race of atomic supermen which will conquer the world! Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Dr. Eric Vornoff: One is always considered mad if one discovers something that others cannot grasp.

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