The Car

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Visible crew/equipment: When 'The Car' catches the truck, it tries to shove it off the road. The 3rd attempt happens as the Car gets very close to the camera, then veers across the screen, our left to right. The clear shadows of several crew members aboard the camera truck are visible on the front of the Car.



Audio problem: During the scene where Lauren is talking to Wade on the phone and the car smashes through the window, she says she's hears the engine of the car, and that it "sounds so weird". Watch closely, though, and you'll see that the words aren't quite synchronized with the way her mouth moves. (I saw this on the VHS tape and the DVD).

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Continuity mistake: When the teacher stands and challenges 'The Car' in the cemetery, the gates cast their shadows to our left. When the car reacts, beginning to do 'doughnuts' in the dirt, the shadows fall to our right.



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