Toolbox Murders

Deliberate mistake: After the killer nails Shannon to the ceiling, he apparently has time to remove all the nails from the wall where he originally shot her, spackle, paint and clean up all the blood before the police arrive and examine the apartment.

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Continuity mistake: Nell writes a note to Julia after she misses their morning run. Between shots the handwriting of the note changes - the letters are different in spacing and size. (00:46:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Austin's mum tells him not to stay up too late, he deals the cards in his computer game of solitaire twice between shots. (00:13:40)

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Luis Saucedo: Hey, good evening, Daisy.
Daisy Rain: Hey Louis, what happened?
Luis Saucedo: They were working on the electrical system today. Junction box shorted out while someone was working. Blew him right through a third floor window.
Daisy Rain: Oh, my God! That's awful.

Saffron Kirby: So, do you hear all that hammering?
Nell Barrows: What?
Saffron Kirby: It's late at night and it never stops. Sometimes I think it's stuck inside my head.

Nell Barrows: Hi there, are any of these washers free?
Chas Rooker: Yup, come on in. Don't mind me, just foldin' my skivvies.

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