North Country

Factual error: In the scene in Josey's kitchen, 3/4 of the way through the film, there is a bottle of TUMs Ultra on the kitchen table. There were TUMs but no TUMs Ultra at the time.

Factual error: When Charlize Theron is driving to meet with her boss and the lawyers, she is surrounded by late model vehicles, specific to the era. But when she passes a side street, you can see a relatively new model police cruiser and other current vehicles.

Factual error: North Country is set in 1989, yet in one scene, Anita Hill is testifying on television. The Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing did not occur until 1991 (which is when Anita Hill testified).

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Bill White: What are you supposed to do when the ones with all the power are hurting those with none? Well for starters, you stand up. Stand up and tell the truth. You stand up for your friends. You stand up even when you're all alone. You stand up.

Sammy Aimes: That's crap. I got a right.
Kyle: Yeah, you got a lot of rights, starting with the right to be pissed off. If fact, you got a right to hate the whole world right now.
Sammy Aimes: I don't hate the whole world. I just hate her.
Kyle: It takes a lot of work to hate someone. You ready to put in that kind of time?

Josey Aimes: I've heard of Lou Gehrig, I just never heard about the disease.
Glory: I know. It's kind of like piece by piece your body just quits listening to you. Like a bullheaded teenager.

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