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Visible crew/equipment: In episode 1, "Computer Logic", there's a scene in which Austin & Michelle step into a computer convention, where a hot-shot software designer, Mr, Blaine, is delivering a sales pitch from his wheelchair. In one shot the boom microphone can be seen dipping deeply into frame.

Michelle: I thought you never lied.
Austin: I don't. It's just that sometimes I withhold the qualifiers.
Michelle: For somebody who says facts are all that count, Mr. Jimmy Austin, you're the most deceitful person I know.
Austin: I once determined that there are forty-nine different ways to misrepresent the truth. I only use six, way below the national average of thirty-two.

Austin: That's a new dress.
Michelle: You like it?
Austin: Yeah. The material's fire resistant, and I like the way the color washes out the pigment in your eyes.
Michelle: Thanks... I think.

Austin: I'm going to take you on the greatest adventure of your life. You probably'll never even thank me. Let's go.

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