Guest House Paradiso

Continuity mistake: When Richie is running down the stairs, there's no vomit on left hand, but when he asks for a handshake from the policeman, there is.

Visible crew/equipment: When Eddie says "No! No! Not the fridge!" string is visible pulling the lamp that is knocked sideways.

Visible crew/equipment: A shadow is cast on the banister as Richie, Gina and Eddie escape the sick ball.

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Richard Twat: As we always say at the Guest House Paradiso: Have fun, don't go in the water if you know what's good for you and try not to get shit on the sheets.

Gina Carbonara: Gino, what are you doing? This was my mother's dress! And my grandmother's dress before that.
Gino Bolognese: Dammit, that's OK! Bring them all! I'll fuck them too! I am one fucky guy.

Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba: Chef's hurt himself.
Richard Twat: How badly?
Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba: Indescribably badly. He hit his head on a frying pan seventeen times.

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