Continuity mistake: Alex comes to work very hungover. He proceeds to spill coffee on his shirt twice. He then talks with Lisa in his classroom and now the shirt is clean.

Continuity mistake: Lisa invites Alex to dinner, while talking at the table we see a wide shot of the two of them with Alex's arm on his side. In the next shot his elbow is rested on the table.

Continuity mistake: In the sequence where Lisa Hammond undresses in the hallway, her underwear colour changes from black to white to black.

More mistakes in Teachers

Dr. Donna Burke: Just what the hell are you guys running here, a gd zoo? I'm in the middle of a fundraiser breakfast when I'm informed that your school psychologist has flipped out in the middle of your gd office. And, then I get here and find out that there has been a stabbing, and if that's not enough, one of your kids tries to eat one of your gd teachers. Mr. Rubell, what the hell do you call that?
Roger Rubell: Monday.

Alex Jurel: There's nothing worse than a female lawyer with a cause.
Lisa: Except a male teacher without one.

Dr. Donna Burke: We, the board members present, think that you should tender your resignation.
Alex Jurel: My resignation? What for?
Dr. Donna Burke: Because, Mr. Jurel, no-one here wants to go through the pain of firing you.

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