The Sentinel

Continuity mistake: At the very beginning of the movie, when Kim Basinger is in the bedroom and walking towards the mirror, the movements of her reflection do not match her movements. She stops moving and her reflection continues to move.



Continuity mistake: When Kiefer is running, he steps in a mud puddle. After that his shoes are clean and shined, and his suit is clean also.

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Factual error: When Garrison takes a phone call at the Mayflower, the person on the other end tells him to "walk 3 blocks east on Massachusetts Ave., take a left on 12th Street, Las Palmas coffee shop." The Mayflower is at Connecticut Ave. & L Street, about 6 blocks directly west of Massachusetts & 12th. Massachusetts Ave., which runs diagonally, does not form a logical route between the two locations.


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Trivia: Many of the director's own family members appear in cameos in the film. One of the more obvious instances is the suspicious cashier at the convenience store, played by the director's mother.

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Trivia: Breckinridge tells Jill that Accords, Tauruses, Camrys and Explorers are the four most common registered cars in Washington, D.C. According to Clark Johnson in the audio commentary, this statement is actually true.

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Trivia: When Abraham Lincoln originally established the Secret Service in 1865, their mandate did not include presidential protection. The day after Lincoln signed the legislation to establish the Service, he was shot by John Wilkes Booth.

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Question: Is it really true that when you use a silencer the bullet slows down and is not as strong as if you did not use a silencer?

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Chosen answer: Sometimes. A suppressor, known commonly as a silencer, works by reducing the sound of firing by manipulating the escaping propellant gas, and sometimes by reducing the velocity of the bullet. It all depends on the type of suppressor that is used.


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