Weekend at Bernie's II

Continuity mistake: Bernie gets shot underwater with the spear and can't let go of the chest. But when they take the vest off Larry to float Bernie up to the surface, Bernie takes his hand off of the handle to get the vest on.

Revealing mistake: When Bernie gets shot underwater after the kids remove the treasure chest, they carry Bernie. He's dead, yet you see his head move.


Plot hole: In Weekend at Bernie's one, Larry takes Bernie's watch and never puts it back on the body. In Weekend at Bernie's II, he gets the watch at the morgue after it's been taken off the body, and signs for it. How did the watch get back on the body?

Larry Wilson: I was not the one who was out CONGA-DANCING all night, huh.

Richard Parker: Stealing shoes off a dead man. Oh, we're going to hell.

Charles: Hey Henry check out that fine mamma she is fine.
Henry: Oh yeah. Charles you're starting to frighten me.

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