Fat Albert

Visible crew/equipment: When Albert and his friends are in front of Doris' house they are singing a song about going to the park. As they are finishing the song and leaving to go to the park, you can see the reflection of the microphone in the window of Doris' house.

Continuity mistake: When Doris is watching The Fat Albert Show, she is holding the remote out just above her knee. When her tear falls down, it falls directly in the middle of the remote.

Continuity mistake: At the track meet, Laurie runs the third leg of the 4x100 and hands off to Doris to run the anchor leg. At the finish line, Laurie is there to cheer on Doris as she crosses line first. Only the first and second runners of this relay would have time to make it to the finish line in time to see the end of the race.

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Bill: Hey, hey, HEY. Friends don't let friends fade away.

Doris: Fat Albert, wait! I finally figured out who you remind me of. You remind me of my grandfather.
Fat Albert: Hey, hey, hey, that's a nice thing to say.

Fat Albert: You can't let fear keep you from caring about someone, because, caring about someone... is wonderful! A person you think about, and they think about you, and you both know you're thinking of each other... and it's just fantastic to know that there is somebody out there in the world thinking about you.

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