The Cheap Detective

Other mistake: As the police lift the body of the 'dead' hotel clerk from behind the desk, you can see his eyes look around a bit.


Continuity mistake: Marsha Mason is standing between Abe Vigoda and Vic Tayback.After a quick close-up of Peter Falk suddenly she is standing next to Peter.

Trivia: Though Phil Silvers is shown prominently in the credits, he has only about 2-3 seconds of screen time at the end of the movie. Silvers suffered a stroke in the early 70's; "The Cheap Detective" was made in 1978. His speech had become slurred and likely affected his performance abilities.


Trivia: As a diminutive reference to the large gay population in San Francisco, Abe Vigoda's character refers to a particular street corner as "Third and Bulldike".


Jasper Blubber: And what is the charge, may I ask?
Lieutenant DiMaggio: The murder of Floyd Merkle and five unimportant people.

Lou Peckinpaugh: What you you doing here?
Betty DeBoop: I missed my boat.
Lou Peckinpaugh: It doesn't sail until tomorrow.
Betty DeBoop: So I missed it a little early.

Betty DeBoop: You'll be back.
Lou Peckinpaugh: What makes you think so?
Betty DeBoop: You forgot the glasses.

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