The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

Factual error: Flynn says that the chamber in the Mayan temple is "an exact replica of their great temple of Teotihuacan." But Teotihuacan was not a Mayan city, but rather the hub of a separate civilization (themselves called the Teotihuacan). It was in central Mexico, hundreds of miles from the Mayan area in the Yucatan Peninsula.


Factual error: Flynn says that the chamber in the Mayan temple is 300 quahuitls long. A quahuitl is approximately 2.5 meters, so 300 quahuitls would be 750 meters, or nearly half a mile. The chamber he and the others are in is large, but not that large.


Factual error: When Flynn presses the stones at the Mayan temple, he identifies the numbers that are carved on them. The stones do have the bars and dots of the vigecimal Mayan numerical system. However, he identifies the specific numbers incorrectly. For example, the stone that he claims says 65 actually has 180 imprinted on it.

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Nicole Noone: No calls. They'll use the signal to triangulate our location.
Flynn Carsen: Well, that's against the law.
Nicole Noone: They just tried to kill you. You think they care about breaking phone-tapping regulations?

Flynn Carsen: Oh, this can't be right.
Edward Wilde: What?
Flynn Carsen: Well, according to this, it can only be opened in the name of God.
Edward Wilde: So?
Flynn Carsen: So the name of God is only the biggest secret in the world.

Nicole Noone: You only live once.
Flynn Carsen: Unless you believe in Buddhism or Sikhism.
Nicole Noone: I hate you so much.

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