Bowling for Columbine
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Continuity mistake: The speech that Moore claims/shows then NRA president Charlton Heston giving in Colorado is actually several speeches edited into one. Note how Heston's clothing changes between cuts during this speech.

Factual error: The site identified as the Rocky Flats nuke weapons plant, NW of Denver, is not Rocky Flats.

Factual error: After the shooting of Kayla Rolland at Mt. Morris, MI, just north of Flint, Michael Moore says "Just as he did after the Columbine shooting, [NRA President] Charlton Heston showed up in Flint, to have a big pro-gun rally" When in fact Heston's speech was given at a "get out the vote" rally in Flint, which was held when elections rolled by some eight months after the shooting (Feb 29 vs Oct 17) In fact, then-presidential candidate George W. Bush, then Vice-President Al Gore, civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, and Moore himself all spoke at the rally.

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John Nichols: When the government turns tyrannical, it is your duty to overthrow it.
Michael Moore: Why not use Gandhi's way? He didn't have guns, and he beat the British Empire.
John Nichols: I'm not... familiar with that.

Marilyn Manson: When I was a kid growing up, music was the escape. That's the only thing that had no judgments. You know, you put on a record, and it's not going to yell at you for dressing the way you do. It's going to make you feel better about it.

Mike Bradley - Mayor of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada: No one wins unless everyone wins. And you don't win by beating up on people who can't defend themselves. And that's been the approach, unfortunately, that's been spreading with some of the right-wing governments across North America. They pick on the people that can't defend themselves. And at the same time, they're turning around and giving financial support and tax breaks and tax benefits to people that don't need them.

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Question: What is the song that is playing in the background when the recording of the teacher phoning the authorities is playing? It continues throughout the filming of Columbine School.

Chosen answer: The song sounds very much like an acoustic guitar version of "Beecher's Lament" by Jeff Gibbs, who is credited with composing all original music for the film, including this song. A beautiful, haunting piano dominated version of this song appears on his only CD "Reflections". The song can be sampled at Jeff Gibb's web page. Link provided


Question: Is the animated scene available online? If so, can someone give me address of the site on which it can be found?

Chosen answer: A quick search on google or even Youtube under the title of the film "A brief history of America" will give you many places to watch or download it. Here is one from Youtube.

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