Factual error: When Jack arrives at a roulette table to replace Matt as the dealer, the roulette wheel is stationary. In UK casinos, it is never allowed to stop spinning at any point while the table is open.

Character mistake: Jack accuses Marion of being a mug punter because she bets on the lottery, despite the odds of winning of "14.5 million to 1." The odds of winning the lottery are in fact 13,992,000 to 1 - not much better, but at least a precise figure.

Marion: Without hope there's no point to anything.

David Reynolds: He's a good customer.
Jack: A good customer is a consistent loser... but is that what he meant?

Jack: Gambling's not about money... Gambling's about not facing reality, ignoring the odds.
Marion: I must be a fool - I never think about the odds.

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