Envy (2004)

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Continuity mistake: When Ben Stiller picks up the Vapoorise to throw it in the bin, he picks it up with his right hand, but he throws it with his left.

James Ollier

Continuity mistake: When Ben Stiller's "wife" takes the Vapoorise out of the bin and slams it down on the work surface, it has a nozzle on the top. In the next shot, the nozzle is gone.

James Ollier

Visible crew/equipment: When Nick flies off the merry-go-round and starts rolling on the ground we can see some wires attached to his feet. (01:16:30)

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Nick Vanderpark: Spray some on my butt cause I just shit my pants.

J-Man: Don't hassle me about crumbs man, because I am on the edge of the edge.

J-Man: If a pretzel is a quality pretzel, it doesn't need salt. It's just a fact.

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