Continuity mistake: George's collar on his leather jacket is sometimes up, down or somewhere in between, in successive shots within a particular scene, depending on the camera angle. Additionally, his long neck scarf changes position numerous times, in shots following one another within the same scene too. One example is in the salon with Felicia and Jill. (00:18:20)

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Continuity mistake: When George and Lorna talk in the kitchen, the tennis racket, white towel it lies on and the sponge in the dishpan change positions repeatedly depending on the camera angles. (00:48:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Lorna yells that she's nothing like her mother, in the wide shot she's holding the carrot in her right hand and she starts to sway her left hand. Yet in the next close-up as she sways her hand around, the carrot is now in her left hand. Also, the carrot changes size throughout this scene, regardless of the fact that it's being eaten. (00:49:30)

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Trivia: This film was Carrie Fisher's feature film debut.

Trivia: Lee Grant won the Best Actress in a Supporting Role Academy Award for her role as Felicia, even though she had only 18 minutes of screen time.

Felicia: Oh god, Lester you are a miserable human being. You're not helping anybody! You're just twisting arms here for a lot of silly sons of bitches who are all out for themselves. You're kidding yourself if you think your new business partner is going to keep his hands off your girl. Or if she's going to keep her hands off him.

George Roundy: I don't fuck anybody for money. I do it for the fun.

Norman: I want you to learn to collect for the coffee, George. Learn to nickel-and-dime. You're going to end up without a pot to pee in.

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