The Gathering

Continuity mistake: When Cassie sits down at the table at the pub there is a menu lying next to her glass. When it cuts the menu has changed position. (00:22:00)


Continuity mistake: When Cassie finds Michael in the family library Simon comes in. Then Marion enters and Simon grabs Michael while Cassie runs her hand through her hair. When it cuts Simon grabs Michael again and Cassie's hand is no longer in her hair. (00:48:05)


Continuity mistake: At night when Cassie is awakened by the dog barking she walks against the window with her arms crossed. When it cuts to outside the window her arms are hanging down. (00:20:10)

More mistakes in The Gathering

The Bishop: They came only to see, from the east and from the west, from the city and from the plain. They came not, in holy reverence to the lord, but in lust.

The Bishop: If people become obsessed with evils that might occur, they neglect the present good that they should do.

Question: Why did Argyle want to kill Michael? I can understand wanting to kill those who harmed him but Michael was an innocent boy.

Answer: While Argyle shows a strange affinity for Michael, his primary goal is still revenge on the entire town. Innocent or not, Michael is connected to those who tortured him.


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